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Make your own home made antimicrobial cleaning solution!

Do you have children and pets within your family? If so, then you have to accept that accidents just happen sometimes. Whether it will be your children dropping food onto your new carpet, or your cat having a enormous catastrophe on your floor, things are bound to happen. Even though it maybe a foregone conclusion with your carpet, you shouldn’t worry, there is always a solution for removing all the dirt and bacteria that has accumulated upon your flooring. The majority of specialized carpet cleaning services in Arlington VA offer antibacterial cleaning detergents that are used to eliminate any contaminated micro-organisms. These agents also comprise non-toxic chemicals that are safe to use around both your children and pets.

Top notch carpet installationIn spite of cleaning up all the mess caused by your pet’s accident, there will still be hints of micro-organisms that are hard-to-observe with the naked eye. You can get yourself an easy home made version of an antibacterial solution. So what do you need? Get two packs of baking soda and blend it with one part vinegar until it reaches a paste. Here, are some facts:- The vinegar is a disinfectant, and the baking powder is a universal cleaning agent that can be applied to many different surfaces, also found in the form of a deodorant for eliminating unpleasant odors. Just make sure you test it on a small section of your rug prior to applying it to the whole carpet.

Carpet cleaning in ArlingtonFirst, get your paste mixture and apply it to the rug area. Next, rub the soiled area using a cloth, with round movements in a delicate manner. It is essential that you don’t rub the area excessively as this will cause damage to the fibers along with forcing the stains deeper into the carpet. Allow the treated area to stay for a few hours. Over that time, the liquidity of the paste will evaporate. Once your carpet is dry, you can now vacuum the remaining soda particles from the carpet.

You can benefit from the antimicrobial solutions which will help with urine, mildew, water damage, sewage, bacteria, or contaminated water. The harmful bacterium left by these reactors can have an effect upon allergic reactions, skin irritations, or make you more susceptible to respiratory illnesses and infections.

In Arlington VA, there are quite a few professional carpet cleaning service companies which rely upon their antimicrobial cleaning solutions. Bermon Carpet Cleaning uses such solutions that are beneficial for removing stains, dander, allergens and bacteria. By utilizing the hot water extraction technique, you can also help your carpet by sanitizing with a high temperature which speeds up the chemical reaction time.

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